Gratitude & Five Things I’m Grateful For Today – In Case You’re Stuck.

I feel as though a lot of the people around me are just not noticing or comprehending that the world we are living in, this planet & all its’ inhabitants, is chock-a-block full of astonishing fantastically magical completely amazingly good things, but everything is moving so damn fast!

My focus at the moment has been on gratitude; taking the time to notice and appreciate the small (or big) things that light me up, bring me back to my centre and just allow me to slow down, if only for a moment.

So I thought for today that I would share some of these things with you *, and maybe by doing so, it’ll prompt you to stop, take a moment & look around, appreciate and understand that there are so many beautiful things happening everywhere and every day, if you would only look.

*of course, in no particular order – no favouritism here!

Bowser One -Mini

Bowser’s Predictability.

He is full of such predictable surprises that each day is brand new but endearingly the same with him.

  1. He is always always always the happiest to see me in the morning.
  2. He will always greet me, you or anyone with a toy in his mouth and won’t put the toy down until you have returned his greeting + if he can’t find one when you arrive there is a few moments of complete franticness – from me of course! because my man needs more toys in his life obviously!!
  3. He will without fail want to play after eating his dinner & play time has to be factored in, so he can’t be fed too late at night/just before we go to bed or else he is one cranky dude.
  4. He seems to know what time of night it is and god forbid you go to sleep before 10pm or else he kicks up a stink and refuses to go to sleep himself.

Green Two -Mini

The colour green.

Which is not even my favourite colour ** I’ve 14 plants inside my home and just the act of caring for them, watching each new leaf open, knowing that they are purifying my home & my space, fills me up with so much joy that I might seem slightly insane. It’s the trees and the grass and the different shades of green everywhere I look, that I love and am so thankful for.

** orange, because you’re just dying to know.

Coffee Three -Mini


Man, I love coffee. It’s not just about the beans or the milk or the machine, it’s about the passion behind it – it’s an art form & must be respected as one.

Stars Four -Mini

Playful Eyes.

There’s a twinkle in my partner’s eyes when he’s playful that captures me every time; I can see it & I swear everything stops and I stare and I stare and I stare into that sparkle, for an infinite moment the whole universe takes a breath and everything shines so fucking bright. I’m thankful to have seen the twinkle in his eyes & for the amount of times they shine through because I know that everything’s going to be okay if only for that spark in his eyes.

Orange Flower Five -Mini

gettin’ shit done.

I’m pretty grateful for myself today actually > for getting my butt into gear and finally working on this here blog. I’ve been so shit lately and so frightened of starting it for fear of failure that I’ve continuously put it off. I’m not sure why, this hasn’t even been that bad *** so yippee, yay for me!

*** I type while silently screaming because I’ve been working on this for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and help me.


Page Split


So there you go, only a couple of things in this very moment that are incredibly amazing and utterly inspiring and put the biggest smile on my face. And, even whilst I’ve been typing this, I’ve been thinking of more and more everyday things that I’m grateful for – the more you’re open to it, the more you’ll be able to see.

And since I’ve been focused on this topic in my personal development journey, I thought to write more on all things gratitude so feel free to visit What’s This Thing Called Gratitude + Why You Should Probably Look at Doing It to gain a better understanding of the benefits & the whys of it all and my follow up post on how to go about it if you’re a newbie (or just wanting fresh eyes on the idea) How To Practice Gratitude Journaling Every Single Day.

I encourage you to take a few seconds to look around & within, and let me know what you’re thankful for, what lights you up just now & what brings joy into your life – no matter how big or small.


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