a little bit about me.

Welcome to my tiny cosy corner of this amazing and magical world and, I’ll just say it right now, I am so grateful that you stopped by.

I’m Nikki; twenty-something, heavy rock listening, crystal loving, socially awkward outgoing introvert – basically a walking contradiction – with a drastically unhealthy obsession for reading any chance I get, drinking copious amounts of coffee and/or wine + consuming an obscene amount of nacho flavoured corn chips all whilst desperately trying to transform my home into my very own oasis and ultimately figuring out what the fuck this is all about.

NilInThought - Green

I’m also sick to death of floundering through this life & not even knowing who I am, what I want or how to figure it out and get there.

For so long, I taught and practiced to turn my brain off & now I’m finding it so hard to turn it back on; to think for myself, open up, use my words and realise my potential.

I’m tired of this stunted, mundane, overwhelming confusing and foggy life I’ve found myself in, all because of my constant fear of opinions, of getting it wrong or not living up to the expectations (of who?) and not even bloody trying for fear of failure.

So this is me now, searching for bravery and strength, diving deep and learning who I am right now and discovering + becoming the person I know I can be & hoping to become more, just more.

So here I am and here you are.


To talk. To open up. To listen. To learn. To inspire. To share.

To be more than what I am and what you are and what we are as a collective, right now.

To be more.

Just More.

Watch me stumble but you’re welcome to stumble with me – we can laugh together.

Pink Lily

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