Meditating – Was It Thoughtless Awareness or Something Else?

NilInThought - GreenWhat’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you whilst meditating?

I’ve been consistently practising meditation daily, in the morning for around 10-15 minutes via the Headspace app, as part of my morning routine (which I’ve written a post on here).

I sit crossed legged on my yoga matt, in the sun room while the sun crests the trees I overlook. I sit and surrounding me is my journal, pens, first coffee of the day and a fluffy blanket I like to wrap around myself – since it’s been so cold here lately.

My dog, Bowser (The B) loves this time of day since I’m on his level and he is forever snuffling around; disturbing the peace.

Hence the headphones.

It’s been over a month since this strange thing happened, and luckily, I did have my journal with me because I was in such a surreal state of mind that I wrote down exactly what was happening and what I was feeling once I came back into myself.

I’ve been contemplating this post for a while now, not sure whether to share this with you or not but curiosity has won out & I just want to know your thoughts and if anything like this has happened to any of you out there.

So, I’ll just bite the bullet and post this; post the words I wrote in my journal of that morning and hopefully you don’t think I’m crazy…

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