2018/2019 Up & Coming Books I NEED NEED NEED + Can’t Come Quick Enough.

Sometimes, I get overwhelmed with the amount of books in the world and I suddenly feel the urge; you know the one, where your heart clenches and you feel it, the urge to scream, shout or cry because you’re nervous and excited and slightly hysterical.

There’s so much to remember and so much to think that occasionally I’m ashamed that I actually forget when the next books in my favourite series is due to come out and then, absurdly, I’ll fly off the radar and not even realise that a new book is out for months and months and months, and then berate myself for the time I’ve wasted.

So, without further ado, I give you all the release dates for up and coming books in my all time favourite ongoing series & I encourage you to check them all out, get up to date on all of them before the next arrives because I literally love love love them and also go go go > pre-order that shit now quickly so you don’t end up wasting months and months when books like these are in your life!!

Books- Coming Soon

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